"Good taste is the death of art." Truman Capote

"Good taste is the death of art."  Truman Capote
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Elephant Batters Train

DHAKA, Bangladesh - An elephant whose calf was knocked down by a locomotive blocked the next train that passed and pummelled the engine until it could no longer run.

After banging her forehead against the engine for 15 minutes, the elephant walked off into the jungle, leaving about 200 passangers stranded for more than five hours, reports said Sunday. The incident occurred Friday night at Vanuygach, 120 miles northeast of Dhaka. The extent of the calf’s injuries were not known.


M said...

This sure beats the heck out of Bill Clinton recently being mistaken for Bob Barker.

Curtis White-Carroll said...

that'll learn them humans.

leanne said...

Hi, Dennis. How are you? Love this story. Damn right. Leanne